June 6th, 2022 Wrestling Odds: AEW Interim World Champion, Forbidden Door, Roman Reigns vs. The Rock

A big betting odds update today with betting odds on the AEW Interim World Championship tournament, AEW/NJPW Forbidden Door, and The Rock vs. Roman Reigns.

Before we get to the odds I just want to note that some may not be available depending on your country.

American: BetOnline
Non-American: Mr Green
Canadian living in Ontario: BetWarrior

AEW Interim World Championship Tournament

Mr Green has odds on the AEW tournament that is about to begin. Moxley and Tanahashi are big favorites to face off in the Finals, as they should be.

Jon Moxley (-400) vs. Battle Royale winner (+200)
Hiroshi Tanahashi (-700) vs. Hirooki Goto (+310)
AEW Wrestler wins (-1000) vs. NJPW Wrestler wins (+350)

Title holder at the end of event:

This is basically who wins the tournament. Moxley is the big favorite, but I wouldn’t put it past being Tanahashi at +480. That dream match with Punk was originally meant to headline Forbidden Door so I wouldn’t be surprised to see them go back to it when possible.

Jon Moxley (-200)
Adam Page (+350)
Adam Cole (+480)
Hiroshi Tanahashi (+480)
MJF (+480)
Hirooki Goto (+950)
Eddie Kingston (+1150)
Chris Jericho (+1300)
Miro (+1600)
Wardlow (+1600)

Winner beats CM Punk for Unified title. Void if CM Punk does not defend title vs Interim Champion before end 2022

The interim AEW World Champion will face CM Punk in a match whenever he comes back. As of now, CM Punk is a big favorite to win that match.

Yes (+125)
No (-225)

AEW Forbidden Door

American: BetOnline
Non-American: Mr Green
Canadian living in Ontario: BetWarrior

A bit early on these odds with no match-ups announced, but you can bet on whether or not certain stars will win or lose a match. The No is a value bet on nearly all of these guys, but someone is going to lose their match-ups. Just need to pick the right one.

Listed participant to win match at Forbidden Door

Kazuchika Okada – Yes (-590) No (+265)
MJF – Yes (-480) No (+220)
Jay White – Yes (-225) No (+125)
Will Ospreay – Yes (-210) No (+120)
Jon Moxley – Yes (-195) No (+114)
Tetsuya Naito – Yes (-195) No (+114)
Adam Cole – Yes (-180) No (+104)
The Young Bucks – Yes (-175) No (+100)
Bryan Danielson – Yes (-159) No (-108)
Chris Jericho – Yes (-159) No (-108)

Any match on Forbidden Door to be awarded a 5 star rating or more

Dave Metlzer’s star ratings are always an interesting betting situation. This seems like a good value for YES as this show exists simply to have great match-ups. It’s not about interference or storylines, it’s about two companies working together to put on great matches. I would be shocked if there wasn’t one great match earning five stars.

Yes (-130) No (-130)

Non-American: Mr Green

AEW – Next to obtain victory in a match between the listed participants

Mr Green is getting into the fantasy booking game with betting odds on hypothetical match-ups between some of AEW’s biggest stars. They are very high on Danielson and somewhat low on Kenny Omega and CM Punk.

Bryan Danielson (-175) vs. CM Punk (+100)
Bryan Danielson (-148) vs. Jon Moxley (-117)
Bryan Danielson (-210) vs. Kenny Omega (+120)
CM Punk (+145) vs. Kenny Omega (-250)
CM Punk (+120) vs. MJF (-210)

MJF appears in-person on a WWE live broadcast before May 1, 2025

The odds on this bet have changed slightly over the past two weeks. MJF was originally +160 as a YES. Surprising because after recent events this would seem more likely.

Yes (+125) No (-225)

AEW Undefeated Streak – Jade Cargill

These odds at Mr Green have changed slightly since I first posted them two weeks ago.

Yes was -435 at that time.

Streak alive when All Out 2022 ends – Yes (-225) No (+125)
Streak alive on January 2, 2023 – (+120) No (-210)

WrestleMania April 1st, 2023

Odds on a potential match-up between Roman Reigns and The Rock at WrestleMania were posted at BetOnline.

Roman Reigns (-175) vs. The Rock (+135)

American: BetOnline
Non-American: Mr Green
Canadian living in Ontario: BetWarrior

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